Ciclo di Seminari del Dipartimento di Psicologia - ''Building foundation models of human cognition"

Marcel Binz, Institute for Human-Centered AI, Helmholtz Munich

Giovedì 20 giugno 2024, ore 14.00
Sala Lauree Psicologia, U6 (3° piano)

Most cognitive models are domain-specific, meaning that their scope is restricted to a single type of problem. The human mind, on the other hand, does not work like this – it is a unified system whose processes are deeply intertwined. In this talk,

I will present our ongoing work on foundation models of human cognition: models that cannot only simulate, predict, and explain behavior in a single domain but instead offer a truly universal take on our mind. Together with a large international consortium, we have transcribed data from over 170 experiments – covering all major areas of cognitive psychology, including reinforcement learning, memory, decision-making, probabilistic reasoning, and many more – into a text-based form. We then used this data set to finetune a large language model, thereby aligning it to human behavior.

The resulting model provides a window into human cognition and can be used for rapid prototyping of behavioral studies, to improve traditional cognitive models, and to generate new hypotheses about human information processing.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Per informazioni: Prof Marco Marelli