The Department provides a wide variety of courses, comprising two three-year undergraduate courses and four master’s degree courses. More specifically, the undergraduate degree courses include Psychological Science and Techniques (STP), with planned first-year enrolment of 500 students, and Psychosocial Communication Science (SPC), with enrolment of 120.

The master’s degree courses are Clinical Psychology and Lifespan Neuropsychology (PCN), with planned first-year enrolment of 240 students; Psychology of Social and Decision-making Processes and of Economic Behaviour (PPSDCE), with planned enrolment of 120; Psychology of Development and of Educational Processes (PSPE), with planned enrolment of 120; and Applied Experimental Psychological Sciences (AEPS), with planned enrolment of 60. The latter is a new course whose distinguishing characteristics are its innovative nature and the fact that it is held entirely in English.

The Department also contributes to the master’s degree course in Communication Theory and Technology (TTC), organized jointly with the Department of Information Science, Systems Science, and Communications, which offers the course. At the post-graduate level, the Department has a doctoral programme (Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Neuroscience) and two advanced specialization schools (Neuropsychology and Lifespan Psychology)