Do research with us!

In the ANVUR ranking of the best departments in Italy, the Department of Psychology was ranked first (ex-equo with 4 other departments). To achieve these results, we need people to participate in our experiments. Help us to maintain these excellent results by registering in our experiment management system. 

The system allows you to

Receive, by e-mail, announcements of in-lab or online studies that are looking for participants
Register for in-lab studies by making an appointment, or for online studies by automatically registering your participation.
For students enrolled in the Department's Bachelor's and Master's degree courses, participation will allow them to acquire CFUs useful for obtaining a degree according to the rules in force:

For students enrolled in the Department's SPC Bachelor's and PCNCV Master's courses, participation will enable them to earn CFUs useful for obtaining their degree (by submitting a complaint).
For students enrolled in the STP undergraduate course, participation must be validated as part of the Experiences in Research Methodology workshop in the second or third year (see student guide for details).
For students enrolled in the PSED and AEPS undergraduate programmes, the completion of 2 experimental CFUs is foreseen during the course of study and the validation of participation will be done as part of the Research Methodology workshop (see Student Guide for details).
Registration in this system respects the rules of privacy and can be cancelled at any time. 

If you would like to support scientific research in psychology, please register for the SONA-SYSTEM using the link below. 

Remember, we need you to help scientific research!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.